Meet Scott

It Takes a Seasoned Educator to Keep LAUSD District 3 on Track

Scott has delivered funding for the most modern, safe and environmentally friendly schools in the nation, and helped set far-reaching educational policies for the entire school district.

No one loves schools more than Scott. The Philadelphia native joined the LAUSD family in 1978, and rose through the ranks as a teacher, counselor and principal at Virgil, Griffith and Lawrence middle schools.

He retired after leading Johnnie Cochran Middle School for 10 years. His tenure was highlighted by improved test scores, a revamped physical plant, and higher student, teacher and parent morale.

Colleagues and community members urged him to continue advocating for public education at the next level, the LAUSD School Board.  Voters elected Scott to represent District 3 in 2014, and re-elected him in 2020. 

When he first took office in 2015, he promised to be the watchdog that ensures our schools get their fair share of funding, so we have the most modern, safe and environmentally friendly schools in the nation.

Scott has doggedly pursued that promise. In his role as a community advocate, Scott prioritized visiting each school in Board District 3 annually, meeting with principals, school staff, students, parents and community members to learn of each school’s wants and needs. He listened, heard and acted on what he learned in the areas of safety, facility upgrades, changes to curricular focus, and the needs of individual students. 


The list of facility upgrades and school construction projects in Board District 3 schools that he shepherded is long. In meeting with school communities, he used the information he received to push the District to install security systems and safe entry systems at the schools most in need, ensure each school can access the facility funding for repairs and modernization programs promised, upgrade libraries, and install shade structures.

  • Nearly $1 billion has been spent on school construction programs in Board District 3 during his tenure.
  • Scott has secured funding for 257 projects worth over $10 million dollars from his Board Member Priority funds. Six schools in his district have had Comprehensive Modernizations worth over $850 million dollars. Five schools have received improvements to their Athletic Facilities worth over 22 million dollars.


Policy issues have been a priority for Scott. He understands that the role of a school board member extends past immediate needs of a school. He knows, using his extraordinary experience as a school site staff member, school board members need to look with vision into the future to create the schools our students deserve. 

He has been a champion of arts education, has coordinated with local and state officials to put meaningful gun safety procedures and measures in place, and advocated for addressing the issues raised by the changing climate by bringing forward a new curriculum and by changing school district business and facilities operations. He has worked to promote Green Schools, electric buses, shade structures, and the air conditioning of all buildings.

He has chaired the Special Education Committee, focusing the District’s attention on the supports required by students with special needs. He has sheperded policy changes in the critical areas of dyslexia and deaf education.

During his career, he has been a proud member of United Teachers Los Angeles and Associated Administrators of Los Angeles. Along with fellow Board member George McKenna broke tradition during the 6-day UTLA strike in 2019 by openly standing with LAUSD teachers for improved wages and conditions.

“There’s a point in everyone’s life where you have to speak up or you’re going to explode,” he said. “I just couldn’t keep quiet anymore when I kept reading about what was happening in negotiations.

Join us to fight billionaires aiming to privatize our public schools.

Scott is the leader working to invest in students. Protecting our public schools and our democracy matter more than the billionaires’ agenda. Join us! Can you donate today to get Scott re-elected?