Student Safety

Scott believes student safety is a paramount concern. If children do not feel safe they will not meet their full potential. His concern for student safety goes beyond the classroom walls and the school yard gates. Children need to feel safe, and be safe, at home, on the way to and from school, and at school.


Scott believes our children deserve to attend clean, safe and modern school campuses. Each school facility should be as equipped with current technology, air conditioning, and air filtration as any modern office in our community. Students and staff should be in safe, healthy environments inside and outside of the buildings.

Support for Staff

Scott is a champion for the invaluable contributions that teachers, school site staff, and District support staff make to the education system. He recognizes that these individuals are the backbone of schools and that their unwavering dedication and hard work are essential to ensure a thriving learning environment for students.

Join us in fighting the billionaires' efforts to privatize our public schools.

Scott is the leader who believes we must invest in and protect our public schools, especially from the billionaires who want to privatize them, and who think their money matters more than our democracy. Can you join us by donating to get him re-elected today?