“From the moment I was sworn in as a School Board member, I have fought hate in all forms. I’ve authored board resolutions fighting Antisemitism and all forms of hate in our schools. I have followed through on every report of hate speech, misogynistic behavior, and harassment of the LBGTQ+ community that I receive, and have always demanded the LAUSD does, too.

I was horrified and disgusted to read about the social media postings of a candidate for LAUSD School Board District 1. They run contrary to ANY person’s sense of decency, and I was gratified to see the statement by United Teachers Los Angeles condemning those hate-filled postings and suspending that campaign.

Last fall I endorsed  Sherlett Hendy Newbill for LAUSD School Board in Board District One.  Using 50 years of service in education as my guide, I see in Sherlett the qualities necessary to be a great School Board Member.  I urge the voters in Board District 1 to join Dr. McKenna, Jackie Goldberg, and me in support of Sherlett.”

Join us in fighting the billionaires' efforts to privatize our public schools.

Scott is the leader who believes we must invest in and protect our public schools, especially from the billionaires who want to privatize them, and who think their money matters more than our democracy. Can you join us by donating to get him re-elected today?