Why He’s Running

Scott Schmerelson knows our children, parents, communities and what makes schools work.

With 45 years in the L.A. Unified School District, Scott is clearly the most experienced and focused advocate running to represent Board District 3.

“Neighborhood public schools are the heart of our communities,” he said, “and my experience as a teacher, counselor, principal and board member has taught me what makes them work.”

As hard as he worked to make LAUSD schools better, he knows that there is still work to be done.


He understands that the most important work is creating the conditions students need to thrive, and making sure that teachers and administrators have all they need, from training and technology support to the proper equipment.


“I want a school system that cares for the whole child and expands the opportunities for every student to learn. That means more enriched learning programs, extended days and summer programs, foreign languages, global citizenry and real-world experiences.”

Scott’s priorities also include adopting a reading curriculum that recognizes our new understanding about how children learn, and making the best use of recently approved state arts funding.


Join us in fighting the billionaires' efforts to privatize our public schools.

Scott is the leader who believes we must invest in and protect our public schools, especially from the billionaires who want to privatize them, and who think their money matters more than our democracy. Can you join us by donating to get him re-elected today?